Glen Posts

Large things done small. Deep things seen shallow. Far things sent close.

It was a pleasure to have @guychmieleski speak to our student body this morning @bryancollege excited to read his new book. @DoranJonathan  (at Bryan College Chapel)
Honored to have @BelmontUniv chaplain @guychmieleski guest lecturing in my Worldview class today! @bryancollege @bcwvi (at Bryan College)
What great blessings The Lord gives! So thankful for a healthy Mazie Lulu who was born to Sarah & @coachdpolite @ddotlamar this week .
We had an amazing @bcchapel this morning as Dan Katz brought a sermon on fearless living & @dbmandolin gave us a taste of his talent. @bryancollege  (at Bryan College Chapel)
. @nicolebfulgham welcome to @BryanCollege ! We are honored to have you with us. @bcchapel  (at Bryan College Chapel)
I love looking up through the shadow-like imprint of trees that sit on a violet blue background. Pictures don’t do it justice.
Tis the season! The cool Autumn air has rolled in and the Glen family evening fires have begun. @ashleeglen
.@CoachDPolite : “I was in that valley of dry bones. Why do I love God’s word? Because the word of The Lord gives life!”  (at Bryan College Chapel)
Just another drive to work last week. We live in a beautiful county! @RheaTN #Dayton #BassTown @bryancollege  (at Rhea County, Tennessee)
Our interns getting our retreat started with a little ice-breaker time. @susnanner @bcwvi @couchqs  (at Wasson Lodge)